St Romuald


St Romuald was born around the year 951 in Ravenna Italy. He was known as a Benedictine monk who founded several monasteries and later became the founder of the Camaldese order. Like all the saints, Romuald fought a lifelong battle against the assaults of devils and men. In the beginning of his spiritual life he was strongly assailed by numerous temptations, which the saint conquered by vigilance and prayer. More than one attempt was made on his life, but Divine Providence enabled him to escape from the danger. Like many servants of God, Romuald also became the victim of calumny, which he bore in patience and silence. In his old age, the saint increased his austerities instead of diminishing them. St Romuald died on the 19 June 1027 was canonised in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. He is the patron saint of Suwalki, Poland.


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