Blessed Raymond Lully


Blessed Raymond Lully was born in 1235 in Palma on the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea. He is well known for being a missionary worker. Raymond became a Secular Franciscan and founded a college where missionaries could learn the Arabic they would need in the missions. For a while he retired to solitude and spent nine years as a hermit. During that time Raymond wrote on all branches of knowledge, a work which earned him the title “Enlightened Doctor.” He later return to missionary work and made many trips through Europe to interest popes, kings and princes in establishing special colleges to prepare future missionaries. Raymond arrived in North Africa only to be confronted by an angry crowd of Muslims who stoned him in the city of Bougie. Genoese merchants took him back to Mallorca, where he died in 1315. Blessed Raymond was beatified in 1514.


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