Q&A: Mainstream Media & the Church


Are Catholics getting a ‘fair-go’ in the media? How do we respond to increasingly hostile representations of the Church? Can you make a difference?

In this episode of Q&A Bishop Julian, Jovina and Jeremy sit down to discuss Australian media and the Church.

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  1. Brendan Quinn on

    We dont get a fair go in the media but our biggest problem are the clergy who attack what the Church teaches and we have lots of those. Like Fr Mark Lee who said on 4 corners the Church is full of pedophiles and the Cardinal covers it up. And then a few days ago 740,000 Australians watched this on channell 7. http://andrewazzopardi.org/2013/04/24/maltese-priest-resigns-becomes-whistleblower-on-sex-abuse-scandal/

    So you see no matter what good Catholics do the clergy are the big failure.

    Brendan Quinn.

  2. Brendan Quinn on

    Actually the correct link is this one http://au.news.yahoo.com/today-tonight/latest/article/-/16852269/whistle-blowing-priest/

    The clergy have zero discipline and they have easy access to the media particularly if they wish to contradict Church teaching. It takes away from the good priests who are serving the Church faithfully, and it makes lay people who teach the catechism downhearted as well.

    20 years of Paul Collins on the ABC and the Church does nothing. It acted finally and he left the priesthood but not after doing enormous damage. Same as Fr Bob Maguire who holds what the Church teaches up to ridicule.

    Catholic priests mustn’t take the vow of obedience in Australia because any catechist often finds themself in the embarrassing position of contradicting what the priest says because they are hostile to the Church.

    The lack of discipline with the clergy is what cripples any efforts for a new evangelisation in Australia because these malcontent priests destroy any good work lay people or good priests try to do.

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