Smoking and Safe-sex: the great hypocrisy


Foolish WisdomBernard discusses his view on the Australian Government’s action against smoking, but for ‘safe’ sex.


Bernard Toutounji is a freelance Australian writer and speaker with a theological formation. He has had articles published in both print and online journals including The Punch, Online Opinion and Mercator Net.

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    Hi Bernard,
    Your various subjects raised is an eye opener and reminder to all practicing and lapsed catholics as well.It enhance and reinforce our Catholic upbringing regarding beliefs,traditions,practices both handed down first by our parents during our younger days and their own further studies and searches but sometimes skewed by our exposure to the ways of this earthly world we live in.Keep up the good works and I think the other force will not prevail in the finality of this all.God bless us all. Bernard, you are an inspiration to all and especially to all currently struggling with their faith. Cheers..

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