The Vocations Show: Episode 7


The Vocations Show: Helping you tune in to God’s call.

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On this weeks show:

1. Interview with Fr Robert Barron

“I found [the arguments for God’s existence]so fascinating and compelling that it lit a fire in me that has never really gone out… it lit a fire for God…”
A  diocesan priest for Chicago, Fr. Robert has become well-known for his evangelisation project “Word on Fire.”  He has a Masters in Philosophy and a Doctorate in Sacred Theology.  Recently Fr. Barron has travelled the world producing a groundbreaking ten-part documentary series called Catholicism.

2. Michael Jaksic’s Story

  “The whole Theology of the Body rang true in my heart!… I began to develop a passion for spreading the Catholic faith that I was falling in love with.” 
Michael’s encounter with Bl. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body changed his life. Following this, people began to comment he should become a priest. How would Michael, who always thought he would get married, respond to a growing hunch God was inviting him to the Priesthood?

3. Ask Fr Michael

Got a vocations question?Leave your question on the message bank at 02 8005 1530 or email them to [email protected]

If you want the question to be anonymous, let us know in your message.

4. News & Events

  • Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia Discernment Retreat (23-25 Sept 2011)
  • Retreat for men open to a vocation to the Priesthood “Catholic Leadership…How Are You Called to Build Up the Body of Christ?” (23-25 Sept 2011)
  • 40 Hours of Adoration for Vocations (21-23 Oct 2011)
For information and details call 9390 5937 or email [email protected]

5. Scriptural Reflection with Dr Robert Tilley

This week Dr Tilley reflects on the call and vocation of Mary.Dr Tilley is a lecturer in biblical studies and ancient languages at the Catholic Institute of Sydney and also lectures at the Aquinas Academy. He is a regular a columnist for Annals Magazine.

In 2007 Dr Tilley published “Benedict XVI and the Search for Truth” on the philosophy and theology of the Holy Father. Dr Tilley received his Divinity Honours, Masters Degree and PhD from the University of Sydney.

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  1. Great show!
    Congratulations to the Sisters of Mercy on your new Australian Sister, we pray for her continued discernment with the community.
    AND YES!! Please please bring Fr Robert Barron to Sydney!! how can i help?

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