Mary, Queen of the Angels


queen-motherMary is given the title “Queen” over many things: heaven and earth, peace, martyrs and angels. But how can Our Lady be the queen of the angels?

In this episode of Our Queen, Our Mother, Paul explains the Angels, why they’re important, and what we mean when we say Mary is the “Queen of the Angels”.


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  1. Heherson Alarde on

    I really love your podcasts, Mr. Paul. I have listened to every single episode and my knowledge and love for the Blessed Mother and to our Lord Jesus have become stronger and evident in my daily Christian life through your podcasts, so thank you very much. I have a question/request though. Would it be possible that you post on the site transcript of the podcasts? It would really help me a lot to look back into the episodes when I’m doing some research on particular topics. Every now and then, I give talks/topics on our Youth Group (Singles For Christ) where I am a leader, and I make reference to your talks. If this is possible, I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much and may God bless your work.

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