A Pope for Our Times: Blessed John Paul II & Contemporary Thought


Blessed John Paul II has often been called the Thomas Aquinas of our times, a bold statement indeed! When we understand the philosophies that have underpinned contemporary thought we can see the Holy Spirit truly at work in the life and teachings of  this great Pope.

In this introductory episode of our brand new Living the Legacy series Sister Bernadette sets the scene for the contribution and charisms of the late Pontiff, answering questions such as:

• What is a charism?
• Did Blessed John Paul II have a particular charism, if so what was it?
• What was the need that the Holy Spirit was addressing by raising up Blessed John Paul II as a witness?

Sister Bernadette outlines the major philosophical influences from the 17th Century onwards that have done serious damage to how we view God and man. She also looks at how we can share the faith in light of the example that Blessed John Paul II has given us.

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Please feel free to send questions and feedback to Sister Bernadette via [email protected].

Sister Bernadette Pike MG is founding member of the Missionaries of the Gospel, a new community inspired by Blessed John Paul II. The community was founded under the guidance of Perth’s Archbishop Barry Hickey in 2007, incoporating both the John Paul II Sisters and lay members. More information is available at www.mg.org.au.


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  1. Hi Cradio,
    I tried to download the Sister Bernadette Pike’s talk on JPII “Living the Legacy” but I cannot play or download it. There seems to be a problem. Could you look into this for me please? Thanks

  2. Hi Sister,
    Thank you for a wonderful talk. As a fairly recent convert to the Church who joined after JPII, just three and a half years ago, it is helpful to get the big-picture historical context of his papacy and understand where he fits into Catholic and secular history. I am excited for the next introductory talk! Moreover, it will be very helpful for me to get such an accessible, easy-to-listen-to overview of JPII in order to better understand why Catholics rave about him! You can count on me tuning into your radio show weekly. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you through these talks and to teach people about the extraordinary man (and charism!) He gave us in JPII. I know I will be inspired by his way of life and love.
    Thanks again — for your time, efforts, courage, and obedience.
    In Christ,

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