Without Prayer, Christian Life Cannot be Authentic


We may think we can live a ‘good Christian life’ merely by doing good works – but if our prayer life is neglected, can we truly follow Christ?

Paul Elarde reflects on why we need to ensure we are prioritising time to be still with God.

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The crisis in Christianity today is a crisis caused by a lack of prayer. Our world is full of superficial distractions that continually pull us away from the interior life. Jesus left us with everything we could possibly need to have a rich and fulfilled life. His Church with all its spiritual treasures and the priceless gift of the Sacraments, all mean we lack absolutely nothing. However, if we don’t spend quality time with Jesus, then we shut the door on all the gifts He wants so much to give us!

Without prayer, we kid ourselves that we can live an authentic Christian life. Without prayer, we cannot love. The whole reason we pray is to love. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that prayer expands the heart. It was only possible for Mother Teresa and her sisters to do such astounding works of charity because they spent three hours a day in prayer!

Some people claim their work is their prayer; possibly, but unless we spend many hours in the stillness of prayer, it is not possible to keep a prayerful disposition and an active connection with God within the stressful environment of demanding work.

This is why Our Lady calls us continually to pray – pray from the heart. Christianity is not an ethical choice but an encounter with a person! So without constant, deep and meaningful prayer there can be no encounter, just mere head knowledge. The answer to ALL our problems is to pray deeper, and more often. It‘s that simple.

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