Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit


What does it mean to call Mary ‘Spouse of the Holy Spirit? What are the implications for our spiritual lives? Paul Elarde explains in this edition of A Minute with Mary. 

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Sometimes we hear people say, ‘Oh I’m Charismatic’ or ‘not me, I’m Marian’. Well, those names can be helpful in explaining aspects of certain types of spiritualities, but it’s important to remember that there can never be any separation between Mary and the Holy Spirit. Any divisions between Mary and the Holy Spirit are manmade distortions of the truth.

St Francis of Assisi was the first person to describe Mary as the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Today it is a common expression that gives some idea as to the special and holy union that exists between Mary and the Holy Spirit. Imagine how sacred Mary’s womb must be for the Holy Spirit to unite with Her to create Jesus! That is a once off special occurrence in the history of the human race.

The Holy Spirit releases and actuates the graces of God. Without the Holy Spirit, God’s gifts cannot be brought to fulfillment. Now just as a spouse goes where the other spouse is present, so too the Holy Spirit comes in His fullness where His spouse, Mary, is found, loved and embraced.

But note that also the reverse applies. Where Mary is restricted, the Holy Spirit cannot come in His fullness. In other words, by restricting Mary, we are restricting the Holy Spirit to work fully within this God-created union.

So irrespective of your favourite spirituality, it is important that we acknowledge in our mind and through our prayers, the unity of Holy Spirit and Mary.

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