At the Heart of the New Evangelisation


There has been a lot of talk about the ‘new evangelisation’, but when we cut to the heart of it, what is it meant to achieve? Why do people seem less receptive to the Word of God today? How do we go about proclaiming the message and bringing others to a personal encounter with Christ, the catalyst for true conversion? We spoke to UK priest and specialist in the new evangelisation Fr Gerard Kelly to find out.

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Fr Gerard will be in Sydney speaking at the 5th CREDO Colloquium, The Power of the Message: The kerygma for the New Evangelisation on 16-17 August. For more more information or to register, visit .

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  1. I was born and bred and educated in Manchester and would be interested In learning more about Fr Gerards upbringing and where he was educated in Manchester, I am also a Man United fan from wayback I was educated at the College of St Bebe, , Alexander Park, all a long time ago!! I am nearly 87?? God bless

  2. Hi Ray,
    Thanks for your comment. I too attended St Bede’s College from 67-74. I like to say that “I’m still recovering from the experience” but I suppose I should be more grateful for teachers who poured out their lives into the education of the next generation… a Christian vocation indeed! Anyway, I’m here to tell the tale and I’m amazed at how the Lord uses all our experiences of life for the good when we submit them to his wisdom.

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