Semiti Qalowasa: Standing Strong with Fiji’s Vulnerable


Caritas Australia has been running the Project Compassion for over 50 years. This Lenten giving program has been a source of support for many people throughout the world. One such group are the people of the “informal settlements” in Fiji: areas of temporary housing which leave their residents vulnerable and seemingly stuck in a “culture of silence”.

Semiti Qalowasa is the National Director of the People’s Community Network (PCN), which works with the residents of Fiji’s informal settlements to improve their living situation. The PCN assists through education, government lobbying, and building of community bonds.

We spoke to Semiti to find out about his story, the challenges facing Fiji’s informal settlements, and his favourite experiences in working with the People’s Community Network.

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In this podcast:
  • 0:24: Semiti’s journey from a child in an informal settlement to the National Director of the People’s Community Network.
  • 3:04: What is an “informal settlement”?
  • 5:43: Semiti’s current visit to Australia.
  • 6:43: Favourite experiences and achievements in the work of the People’s Community Network.
  • 8:56: Present plans and challenges.

To find out more about Project Compassion and Semiti’s work, visit the Caritas Australia website.

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