The Transvestite in the Choir & Amazing Grace


What are We Waiting ForFr Richard Leonard shares the story of the transvestite who joined the parish choir, and how God’s gifts often come in unexpected packages…


This reflection is read by Fr Richard Leonard SJ from his book “What Are We Waiting For? Finding Meaning in Advent & Christmas” published by Paulist Press 2014. You can purchase a copy via Garratt Publishing, or any good bookstore.

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  1. LAs a pensioner, purchasing the book will have to wait until after Chrismas but the Christlike acceptance of the transgender presentation that this man made was heartwarming and much a reflection of the sort of approach that Pope Francis is taking. How many ‘confused’ individuals – souls made in the likeness of God – have been disdained by many clergy, religious and lay people in the past … and unfortunately, so many in the present day.

    As I wrote … this was a heartwarming recounting of the action of the Spirit who moves in mysterious ways.

    I was prompted to forward the link to the ‘powers that be’ here in Oz.

    Cheers, Aussiedad

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