Pope Francis Greets Youth of the World


Thursday afternoon local time over a million young people braved the rain and cold to welcome Pope Francis on Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. The official welcome ceremony marked the first meeting of Pope Francis with the young people for World Youth Day 2013 and featured an array of performances and an address from the Holy Father.

Listen to Pope Francis address the youth here, or visit WYD Central for the written transcripts.


Used with permission from Salt + Light Television.

While you may not have made it to Rio, Salt + Light TV and XT3.com are live-streaming the main events. There are also a number of pilgrim blogs going around so you can hear about the experience. Check out Australian Catholic University (ACU) and XT3 video blogs and the Parramatta Diocese blog. If you know of others please do link them in the comments!

Cities around Australia will also be holding WYD events, including the Rio Experience in Sydney. Once again – if you know of others, please let us know.


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