Dawson and the Dynamics of Migration


Prof. Jim Gaston of the Franciscan University of Steubenville explores the essential aspects of common culture and the dominant aspects of cultural change. He makes special reference to Christopher Dawson and his concept of culture, dynamics of cultural change, and the role of migration and diffusion.

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In this podcast:
  • 1:24: The profound role of migration in societies.
  • 3:18: Thesis: Liberal education is needed for reflection on the good life, but this in turn needs to focus on human culture and have an understanding of the role of migration in cultural change.
  • 7:24: Why is a study of culture and dynamics of cultural change important to Dawson? Why is such a study fitting for a wholistic liberal education?
  • 9:54: Dawson’s pronouncements concerning culture.
    • 11:00: Culture as a common way of life composed of a dynamic interplay of different aspects; and the passing on of tradition.
  • 11:37: How do cultures change? The natural and cultural environment.
    •  15:01: 5 dynamics of possible historical or cultural change
    • 19:34: Cultural change is not due to progress, class or determinism.
  • 23:01: “Is it possible to conceive of a truly interpretive, cultural, localised and dynamic understanding of man in the present?”
  • 25:45: Why is a common culture so important?
  • 26:13: Why must the culture be handed down?
  • 26:43: What role does liberal education play?
  • 27:33: How does this apply to modernity?
  • 30:26: What are we to do?

This presentation was part of The Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies’ 2017 Colloquium on the theme “Liberal Education: Restoring the Notion of Education as the Basis for Living the Good Life”, hosted in Hobart, Australia.

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