The Baptismal Hermeneutics of Gender


Dr Conor Sweeney explores the topic of marriage and gender from a baptismal and sacramental hermeneutic. Through this perspective, Dr Sweeney defends the traditional understanding of marriage as being between a man and a woman and elaborates by presenting one’s gender as a vocational calling and mission in one’s sexual existence.

In this podcast:
    • 0:37: A Summary of the Gender Theory Approach
    • 13:42: Defending Marriage After the “Death” of God
    • 23:55: A Baptismal Hermeneutic on Gender and Marriage
    • 33:06: Gender as the Personal and Vocational Re-Dimensioning of Sexual Existence
    • 38:21: Concluding Statements


This presentation was part of The Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies’ 2016 Colloquium on the theme “The nature of men and women: complementary but different”, hosted in Hobart, Australia.

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