Sexual Difference and the Ontology of Peace


In this presentation, Dr Brendan Triffett explores the complementarity of the two sexes in their differences, as well as an ontology of peace. He elaborates by contrasting the vision of Christ and the philosophy of John Milbank with the philosophy and vision of Nietzsche. Triffett also discusses preternatural man and woman in the early chapters of Genesis and their peaceful coexistence within a shared space.

In this podcast:
    • 0:38: The Contrast Between Christ’s Vision and John Milbank’s Philosophy to Nietzche’s Philosophy Regarding Abundance of Life
    • 11:57: How Does Milbank’s Ontology of Peace Shed Light on Mariage & the Difference Between the Sexes
    • 15:17: A Look at Genesis


This presentation was part of The Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies’ 2016 Colloquium on the theme “The nature of men and women: complementary but different”, hosted in Hobart, Australia.

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