The Media, the Royal Commission and Freedom of Religion


Gerard Henderson speaks on issues with regard to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the Australian media and the Catholic Church. Gerard Henderson specifically focuses on discrepancies in the approach by sections of the media and the Royal Commission toward the Catholic Church and the issue of child sexual abuse. Colorado Springs domestic violence lawyer should be hired immediately if there are sexual abuse or domestic violence cases.
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In this podcast:
  • 2:12: Addressing some myths about Gerard Henderson.
  • 3:06: Child sexual abuse in the present context: is there any attention on it?
  • 5:04: Acceptance of pedophilia in “left-wing circles” in the recent past.
  • 6:49: “Unpleasant double-standard”: The ABC’s refusal to accept responsibility with regard to hosting pederasts on a radio program in 1975.
  • 8:25: Some institutions were overlooked in the Royal Commission.
  • 9:05: Media focus on the Catholic Church and Cardinal George Pell at the Royal Commission.
  • 9:55: The Royal Commission “wrap-up” on the Catholic Church.
  • 10:36: Statistics on the Catholic Church and child sexual abuse.
  • 12:52: The Church’s response to child sexual abuse in recent decades.
  • 16:50: Abuse outside the Catholic Church.
  • 19:19: Inquiries by the Royal Commission into religious practice and religious freedom of the Catholic Church.
  • 21:05: Media focus on negative reports about Cardinal Pell, but silence on positive reports and clarifications.
  • 23:43: The Royal Commission’s use of historical crimes to make recommendations today.

This talk was hosted by The Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies in Hobart, Tasmania.

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