The New Feminism



Feminism and femininity have been repeatedly distorted by our culture leaving many of us confused about our identities, worth and the meaning of our existence as male and female. In this talk presented in July 2011, Jo Grainger and Anna Krohn shed some light on the damage done by some branches of feminism and the gift of Blessed John Paul II’s teachings on the human person.


Anna Krohn is an educator and educational writer, and is currently a tutor in ethics and spirituality in the Department of Nursing at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne.  Jo Grainger is a Registered Nurse with 19 years of clinical experience. She holds a permanent appointment in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Australian Catholic University and lectures predominately in the area of ethics and spirituality.

Pub Theology Adelaide is held at the Dan O’Connell, Tynte St, North Adelaide on a monthly basis. It is a casual and relaxed forum where friends from all walks of life gather for straight talk, hard facts and real answers on our Catholic faith and how it applies to daily life.

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