Pope Francis, Renewal & Parish Evangelisation


In this opening keynote presentation to Proclaim 2016, Cardinal Donald Wuerl speaks on the New Evangelisation and our active role in Parish Renewal and evangelisation. His Eminence also explores the continuity which the Catholic Church experiences in its pastoral direction and leadership from previous Bishops of Rome to Pope Francis and he continues by elaborating on the Holy Father’s vision for the New Evangelisation and provides practical advice on how to fulfil our role as evangelisers.

In this podcast:
    • 0:58: What is the Parish & What is it’s Role and Ministry?
    • 3:40: How we see the Parish carry out its mission in a Spirit of communion & solidarity.
    • 5:28: What does Jesus Christ & the Church offer the world today?
    • 10:35:  What is the New Evangelisation?
      • 17:05: What does the New Evangelisation & Parish Life Renewal include?
    • 18:16: The Continuity & Integrity of the Catholic message & its unity with the Gospel.
    • 24:02: Pope Francis’ Vision: Renewing the Life of the Church.
    • 30:02: The four principle activities of our efforts towards New Evangelisation.
    • 36:12: The Qualities of the New Evangeliser.


This presentation was part of Proclaim 2016 on the theme “On a Mission of Mercy: Evangelising Parishes”, organised on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and hosted by the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay.

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