Forming Evangelisation Teams: Best Practice for Effective Mission


“The Gospels teach us that discipleship requires us to move from asking ‘Who is my neighbour?’ and ‘What more can I do do?’ to considering ‘Who are my partners?’ and ‘How do we organise ourselves for mission?'”
– Bishop Nicholas Hudson –

In this workshop, Bishop Nicholas Hudson establishes a guide for parishes to start organising themselves for mission. He suggests that parishes should create evangelisation teams to help spearhead and direct the mission within a parish. Bishop Hudson also provides a vast range of tips to help establish a genuine loving and mission centred ethos for evangelisation and mission.


This presentation was part of Proclaim 2016 on the theme “On a Mission of Mercy: Evangelising Parishes”, organised on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and hosted by the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay.

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