What it Means to Know and Love God


Mark Nimo explains what it means to know and love God – that we need to surrender to allow him to know, love and change us.

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In this podcast:
  • 9:20: Recap: Discovering our purpose, taking action, becoming a saint.
  • 11:09: What it means to know God.
    • 25:30: To know God, we need to surrender to His love.
  • 28:28: What it means to love God.
    • 31:02: Allowing God to change us: We are not junk.

The video featured in this talk is “God’s Chisel” by The Skit Guys. To view a preview of the video, head to “God’s Chisel” on YouTube. To download a copy of the video and help support The Skit Guys’ ministry, visit The Skit Guys website.

The Immaculata Mission School 2017 was hosted by the Immaculata Community at the Launceston Church Grammar School in Tasmania.

Music Credit: At the Foot of the Cross – Fr Rob Galea

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