Theology of the Body (Part 1): Eros and Desire


Paul Elarde explores Theology of the Body by looking at eros and the desire and longing which we have to love and be loved. In this talk, Paul introduces the Theology of the Body, its origins and what it is and debunks the common misunderstanding of the body and its desires being bad and contrary to the Spirit of God.

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In this podcast:
  • 0:44: What’s the main reason why people leave the Church today?
  • 3:24: What is Theology of the Body?
  • 6:46: Why did St John Paul II write the Theology of the Body?
  • 13:14: The authentic love of man and woman is Trinitarian by nature.
  • 16:30: Is the Spirit good and the Body bad?
  • 17:37: The three D’s.
  • 21:46: Understanding our desire.
    • 29:28: The ache of our desire and longing.
    • 37:19: What do we do with this ache?
  • 51:38: A religion of desire.

The Immaculata Mission School 2017 was hosted by the Immaculata Community at the Launceston Church Grammar School in Tasmania.

Music Credit: At the Foot of the Cross – Fr Rob Galea

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