Being a Disciple of Jesus Christ


Mark Nimo what it means to be a radical disciple of Jesus Christ: looking at how Jesus’ discipleship is different, what it will cost us, and how we are to imitate His Mother Mary.

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In this podcast:
  • 0:14: The call to step out in radical discipleship: Mark Nimo’s adventure in “walking on water” and following Christ.
  • 8:40: Discipleship in Judaism.
    • 8:52: The Jewish Scriptures.
    • 13:17: Being a disciple is being a learner.
    • 14:21: Being a disciple is choosing to follow a teacher (rabbi).
  • 15:35: The difference between the discipleship of Judaism and the discipleship of Jesus Christ.
    • 16:02: We do not choose Jesus, He chooses us (John 15:16).
    • 17:15: There is no “graduation” when you are a disciple of Jesus Christ.
    • 21:01: Jesus’ discipleship is about service, not power and ambition. Jesus sets the example of service (Mark 10:42).
    • 24:06: Jesus does not simply teach the Torah, He is the Torah.
  • 25:26: Jesus calls His disciples in the Gospels (Matthew 4:18-22; Matthew 9:9).
    • 28:16: Jesus also had female disciples who were important to His ministry.
    • 31:15: Being a disciple will come at a cost.
  • 32:14: “What are you willing to give up, to let go, in order to follow Jesus…”
  • 39:21: Mary is the model of all disciples.
    • 39:35: Why is Mary called “the first disciple”? (Luke 11:27-28)
    • 42:10: Discipleship is being with Jesus Christ. The importance of prayer, reading Scripture, and community life in the Church.
    • 50:12: Imitating Mary’s total surrender.
    • 54:30: Being willing to take risks like Mary.
  • 57:37: Summary: What does it mean to be a disciple?

The Immaculata Mission School 2017 was hosted by the Immaculata Community at the Launceston Church Grammar School in Tasmania.

Music Credit: At the Foot of the Cross – Fr Rob Galea

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