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Archbishop Julian Porteous St Laurence (Fra Angelico)

Called to Serve


Archbishop Julian Porteous explores what it means to be a deacon, and the interesting history behind how it re-emerged as a permanent ministry in the Latin Church.

Archbishop Julian Porteous The Good Shepherd Mosaic

The Good Shepherd


Archbishop Julian Porteous reflects on Good Shepherd Sunday by explaining four aspects of how a priest and deacon should be a good shepherd to his flock. This homily is for the 4th Sunday of Easter.

Archbishop Julian Porteous The Last Supper by Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret

In Awe at the Last Supper


Archbishop Julian Porteous preaches on Jesus’ final opportunity to be with His disciples, His washing of the disciples’ feet, and the institution of the Mass and the priesthood. This homily is for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper (Evening of Holy Thursday).

Vocation Stories

My Road to Priesthood


In this interview, the newly ordained Fr Joshua Scott gives us a glimpse into his early priestly ministry, and shares some of his vocation story.

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