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Husbands, Fathers & Pornography


How does pornography affect families, and in particular the role of men as husbands and fathers? Jonathan Doyle of Choicez Media and Being Catholic speaks on this topic ahead of his talks at the 7th World Congress of Families in Sydney.


Marriage and Covenant


In the final talk at iWitness 2012, Ryan and Karin Messmore reflect on their relationship and eventual marriage, and how it was influenced by an unlikely place – the covenantal marriage practice of the ancient Israelites.

iWitness priests cassocks priesthood

Holy Orders: Men of God


Four men at different stages of discerning and living out the priestly vocation – from seminarian to bishop – discuss their experience and insight into the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

Religious & Consecrated

Living the Charism of Life


We caught up with Sr Catherine Marie SV of the Sisters of Life at iWitness 2012 to discuss the origins of the Sisters of Life, their unique charism and service, and advice for young women discerning consecrated religious life.

Liturgy & Sacraments

Penance and the Priesthood


In this interview, Sr Moira Debono RSM looks briefly at the Sacrament of Penance, the role of the priest in the sacrament, and how this sheds light on the meaning of the priesthood itself.

Marriage & Family

Downtime with Dynamic Deacon


We managed to catch up with the Dynamic Deacon to talk about the often misunderstood role of a deacon within the Church, how to balance your life with God remaining at the centre, the biggest challenges facing families today, and how we can kick-start the Year of Faith!

Life to the Full priests cassocks priesthood

The Truth about the Priesthood


In the first Life to the Full talk, Fr Greg Morgan presents the truth of the Priesthood: The reality that all priests are sinners and far from perfect; the immense sacrifice of life for the absolute service of others; the immeasurable privilege of being in the person of Christ through Sacraments and to hold God in his hands through the Eucharist; and the scandal to the world of the counter-cultural life of a priest.

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