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Immaculata Mission School Simon Carrington at the Immaculata Mission School 2018

Understanding Our Sexual Desire


Simon Carrington explores sexual desire as a gift from God rather than something sinful. Simon also gives practical tips on how to better understand our sexual desire, and how direct it to its true fulfilment in God and love.

Expert Insights

The Pornification of Culture and Corporate Ethics


Melinda Tankard Reist talks about her work in Collective Shout which aims to combat and inform against the pornification of culture. She also explains about the initiative for corporations to pledge to act in ethical ways, as well as take on corporate ethical responsibility.

Talks Couple before a Crucifix

The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage


Dr Robert Tilley explores essentialism, contemporary philosophy and the importance of difference in the Bible to explain why Scripture cannot support same-sex marriage.

Bp Robert Barron Bishop Robert Barron

Paul VI, Prophet


Bishop Robert Barron outlines the predictions made by Pope Paul VI in his encyclical letter Humanae Vitae, and whether these predictions have proven true.


Are We Dating?


Simon Carrington explores the “gray” areas in the steps between friends, dating, courtship, engagement and marriage, providing practical wisdom and insight.

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