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Capuchin Youth

St Francis of Assisi and the Poor


Fr Gary Devery OFM Cap. explains what drove St Francis to give up everything and fall in love with the poorest and least fortunate of his brothers and sisters – and what we can learn from his example.

Foolish Wisdom

How Wealthy is the Catholic Church?


The Church is often criticised for its priceless art, ornate vessels and grand cathedrals – wouldn’t it be more ‘Christian’ to sell them and give the money to the poor? Bernard provides his response…


The Refugees We Failed


Phil Glendenning of the Edmund Rice Centre describes his journey of discovering the tragic stories of those who were denied access to Australia, and what they can teach us about the Gospel call to care for the vulnerable.

Shows Opening Our Eyes to Injustice

Opening Our Eyes to Injustice


Dr Robert Tilley explains why we have a blindness to injustice, the biblical link between justice and righteousness, and where we can find the origins of our indifference to injustice today.