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To the Ends of the Earth for Life


We sit down with student Anitra Yu to find out about her experience of a “pro-life pilgrimage” – what spurred her on to take the journey, and how has the experience changed her life?

Catholics on Mission Austen Ivereigh Catholic Voices

Getting Catholic Voices Heard


Ever felt like Catholics weren’t getting a fair-go in the press, or cringed when you saw the Church being misrepresented by well-meaning but poorly informed Catholics? Catholic Voices is a UK-based organisation seeking to turn things around…

Catholics on Mission Madeleine Vella at the March for Life

Building a Generation of Life


We sat down with Madeleine to discuss her recent journey with Generation Life in the US, the proclamation of the chastity message to young people, and her discernment process in becoming a missionary for the Generation Life movement.

Abortion 40 Days for Life

Prayerful Witness & the Battle for Life


40 Days For Life has now reached the final stretch, with this year’s Sydney campaign seeing some encouraging fruits, including a nurse who recently quit her job at the preterm. We caught up with FLI Australia Executive Director Paul Hanrahan to find out more.

Catholics on Mission Kara Eschbach

Reshaping the Women’s Mag


Verily is an exciting new publication developed by a group of young New Yorkers who were tired of the negative messages coming across through existing women’s magazines and decided to make a positive change. Nat caught up with Verily’s Editor recently to talk about the magazine and how it came about.

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