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Living Faith with Fr Richard Umbers Living Faith with Father Richard Umbers

Being a True Friend


New technologies have revolutionised the way we communicate, but are they preventing us from fostering lasting friendships? Are we more prepared to beat our ‘friends’ over the head with the Catechism than we are to truly seek their good? In this edition of Living Faith, Fr Richard looks at how to be an imitator of Christ is to be a true friend to others.

Books, Films & the Arts

Ditching Man-boys & Finding Love


How to Get the Man of Your Dreams is Jonathan Doyle’s new book exploring the belief systems pushing women into dysfunctional relationships and preventing them from finding the love they long for. We caught up with Jonathan to talk about the book and how we can foster healthy relationships and help others do the same.

Bp Robert Barron Fr Robert Barron

G&G: Longings of the Heart


Fr. Robert Barron in this talk asks the question: What ultimately makes us happy and fills the infinite longings of our hearts? He explores and rebuts the answers that the world gives: wealth, pleasure, power and honour; and finally provides the answer that we hear from God Himself.

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The Pornography Problem


In this SCENE 2012 workshop, Robert Falzon explores why pornography is so harmful to individuals, relationships and societies and what we can do about it.

Proposal to Marriage Proposal to Marriage

Learning to Swim


Bernard grapples with the move from the “wading pool” of dating to the “olympic-sized pool” of engagement in this third instalment of Proposal to Marriage.

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