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Bruce Downes the Catholic Guy

How to Hear God Speak


Bruce Downes asks us what would happen if God was to speak to us and explains the different ways that God is speaking to us. Bruce also shares his story of how God spoke to him while he was at the Vatican which lead to setting up his ministry as the Catholic Guy.

Meditations by Fr Flader Chartres Cathedral Rose Window

Witnesses For Christ


Fr John Flader shares a meditation on Christ’s call to each of us to become a witness and disciple, united to the True Vine and bearing fruit. He also highlights the need to nourish our spiritual lives and gives practical advice on how to give time to spiritual activities, despite our busy lives.

Fr Michael Doody Keystone

Jesus Holds All Things Together


Fr Michael Doody explains that Jesus is the cornerstone which holds all things together, and that rejecting him leads to break down for the world. This homily is for the 4th Sunday of Easter.

Immaculata Mission School Simon Carrington at the Immaculata Mission School 2018

Understanding Our Sexual Desire


Simon Carrington explores sexual desire as a gift from God rather than something sinful. Simon also gives practical tips on how to better understand our sexual desire, and how direct it to its true fulfilment in God and love.

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