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Fr Stefan Matuszek The Return of the Prodigal Son by Pompeo Bato

Divine Love and Mercy


Fr Stefan Matuszek explains why Divine Mercy is so important, and that mercy is the greatest form of God’s love. This homily is for Divine Mercy Sunday.

Fr Michael Doody The Resurrection of Christ by Albrecht Altdorf

Love Stronger than Death


Fr Michael Doody discusses the consequences of the historical truth of the Resurrection, and the love of God which is stronger than death. This homily is for Easter Sunday.

Fr Stefan Matuszek Three Marys at the Tomb by Fra Angelico

New Creation


Fr Stefan Matuszek speaks about how the empty tomb is the manifestation of God’s victory over death. This homily is for Easter Sunday.

Immaculata Mission School Paul Elarde at the Immaculata Mission School 2018

A Message of Mercy


Paul Elarde explores the message of Divine Mercy as given to St Faustina by the Lord Jesus Christ. He delves into the unfathomable Mercy of God and His desire for the salvation for souls.

Restore Nights

Encountering Jesus


Emma Fradd explores how Jesus is encounter-able and shares some wisdom from scripture, her own journey and prayer on how we can encounter Christ. Emma also shares her own conversion story and how she came to encounter Jesus.

Immaculata Mission School Simone Smith at the Immaculata Mission School 2018

Open to the Holy Spirit


Simone Smith shares how the Holy Spirit has worked in her life to make her open to the His gifts. Likewise, she encourages us to be open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and not be afraid to embrace the gifts given to us by God.

Meditations by Fr Flader Chartres Cathedral Rose Window

The Good Samaritan


Fr John Flader shares a meditation on love of God and love of neighbour. He explores this is relation to the Parable of the Good Samaritan, the Gospel teachings and also the lives of the saints, in particular: Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

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