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Salvation History & The Church


Fr Simon Grainger, assistant priest at Sacred Heart Parish in Croydon, Victoria, provides a quick overview of salvation history, the formation of the Church, and the Sacraments which continue Christ’s mission today.

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How many will be saved?


God desires that all will be saved, yet he says that we must go through the narrow door. Fr Bony Abraham MGL speaks about the mystery of salvation in his homily for the 21st Sunday in Ordinary time, recorded live at St Benedict’s Mission Center in Canberra.


On Deconstruction & Salvation


Dr Matthew Tan argues that while deconstruction is widely rejected by Christians, it can actually lend valuable insights to reading of Biblical text.


Are You Saved?


What role does grace play in our salvation? How do we understand this in light of Catholic teachings on faith and works? Bishop Julian Porteous explores these questions and more…

Bp Robert Barron Fr Robert Barron

How Many Are Saved?


How many people end up in Hell? Can non-believers get to Heaven? Fr Robert Barron discusses some differing viewpoints on the topic in his latest article.

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