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Faith in the Church of Facebook


At the Theology and Communications Conference 2014 at the University of Santa Clara, California, Dr Matthew Tan presents this paper entitled Faith in the Church of Facebook: the Riddle of Space and Time.

Foolish Wisdom

Too Many Photos, Too Few Memories


With 1.5 million smartphones in the world there are more photos being taken than ever before. But are we missing the most important moments of life because we’re too busy trying to capture a digital record?

The Divine Wedgie

Pain & Logos


Dr Matthew Tan reflects on how Christ sheds light on the order of the universe, and in particular, the meaning of pain and suffering.

Foolish Wisdom dark church crucifix

Should I Destroy my Rolf Harris CD?


While Rolf Harris’ accolades are stripped away and his artworks are taken down from gallery walls, Bernard Toutounji asks the question: does a man’s crimes cancel out all the good he has done?

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