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Current & Political Issues Rev Fred Nile

Rev. Fred Nile MLC


Reverend Honourable Fred Nile: Father, Pastor, Husband, and politician. Natasha D caught up with this warm and inspiring man for a chat about his life, his family, and his passion for seeing the Good News proclaimed in our parliaments.

Faith Stories

FLI Conference: Vera Mosher


Vera Mosher, wife Population Research Institute President Steve Mosher, shares some of her uplifting experiences as a woman of faith, a wife, a mother, and most recently of all – a grandmother!

Catholic Apologetics Tim Staples

A Coffee with Tim Staples


Tim Staples is a popular U.S. Catholic apologist. We caught up with him while he was in Sydney to talk about his journey to the Catholic faith, and some key issues facing the Church today.

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