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Current Issues ACBC Delegation to the Middle East

Praying for the Persecuted Christians


We sat down with Melkite Archbishop Robert Rabbat to discuss the situation in the Middle East, how we can help out from a distance, the upcoming Day of Solidarity, and the planned Australian bishops’ visit to Lebanon, Iraq and Kurdistan.

Abortion Bryan Kemper

Turning the Tide Against Abortion


Australia is continuing to implement legislative challenges to unborn life – as seen in recent laws in the states of Victoria and Tasmania. We spoke to Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries to find out what Australians to do in the face of such opposition.


Hope & Healing After Abortion


We caught up with Anne Sherston from Rachel’s Vineyard to find out about her work with post-abortive women and how we can help prevent those who have been hurt by abortion from suffering in silence.

Current & Political Issues

A Place for Faith in Politics?


We chat to In God They Trust? author Roy Williams about the role of religion for Tony Abbott as Prime Minister, whether a person of faith can currently stand for their religion in the current political landscape, and how the faithful can make their voices heard.