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Catholic Apologetics Finding of the True Cross

History of the Cross


Robert Haddad looks at evidence relating to the history of the True Cross and the crucifixion of Christ, as well as exploring why Catholics venerate the cross.


Stem-Cells & Cloning


Paul Bizzanes discusses the issues surrounding two current topics in bioethics and biotechnology: Stem-cell research and cloning.

Catholics on Mission Matteo Ricci

Matteo Ricci


Thomas Kwok speaks on the amazing life of Matteo Ricci, one of the most successful missionaries to China in the 16th Century.

Lumen Verum Apologetics Mary Angels



Anthony English discusses angels, what they mean and instances of them in Scripture and the lives of saints.

Catholic Apologetics Sermon on the Mount Cosimo Roselli

‘Brothers and Sisters’ of Jesus


Robert Haddad takes on the protestant charge that Mary was not a perpetual Virgin, based on the apparent reading of Scripture that Jesus had ‘brothers and sisters’; and explores who exactly the ‘brothers and sisters’ were.

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