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The Masculine Spirit


In this talk for men from the iWitness Conference, Christian Stephens discusses two contradictory perspectives of masculinity put forward in the media, and how they both fall short of true masculinity.

Fear, Peace & Suffering FR. GREG MORGAN

Anointing of the Sick


In the fifth talk of the iWitness Conference, Fr Greg Morgan discusses the rite and effects of the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick – within the context of the contrasting approaches to death and suffering of the Church and contemporary society.

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Reconciliation: Becoming Truly Human


In the fourth talk of the iWitness 2012, Dr Robert Tilley explores the nature of sin and confession, how the Catholic Sacrament of Confession builds us up to be fully human, and how our contemporary culture attempts to obscure this reach for humanity.

iWitness Holy Water Font

Baptism: A death like Christ’s


In the third talk at the iWitness Conference, Fr Paul Rowse takes us through the rite and importance of Baptism, where we find Baptism and its components in Scripture, and the effects of Baptism as a Sacrament – in his typically entertaining style.

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Holy Orders: Men of God


Four men at different stages of discerning and living out the priestly vocation – from seminarian to bishop – discuss their experience and insight into the Sacrament of Holy Orders.


Confirmation: A seal on your heart


In the second talk for iWitness 2012 Sr Catherine Marie SV discusses how in confirmation we are sealed and set on a mission of love. Sr Catherine explores the essential rite of Confirmation, what the effects of Confirmation are, and how we are sealed and prepared through the Sacrament.


Sacramentality: a grace-filled life


In this opening talk for iWitness 2012 Peter Holmes explores spiritual pride and despair as two major obstacles to living a life of grace. How do we recognise when we are falling into these temptations? How can we avoid these pitfalls and open ourselves to God’s grace in the Sacraments more fully?

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