Author Robert Haddad

Catholic Apologetics Finding of the True Cross

History of the Cross


Robert Haddad looks at evidence relating to the history of the True Cross and the crucifixion of Christ, as well as exploring why Catholics venerate the cross.

Catholic Apologetics Sermon on the Mount Cosimo Roselli

‘Brothers and Sisters’ of Jesus


Robert Haddad takes on the protestant charge that Mary was not a perpetual Virgin, based on the apparent reading of Scripture that Jesus had ‘brothers and sisters’; and explores who exactly the ‘brothers and sisters’ were.

Lumen Verum Apologetics Lumen Verum Apologetics

Pope Joan?


Robert Haddad discusses Pope Joan, the legend of a female Pope: whether it is real, where the story came from, and what consequences would exist for the Papacy if a woman claimed the title of Pope.

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