Author Jonathan Doyle

Being Catholic Madonna of the Book Beauty

Beauty in Catholic Schools


Jonathan Doyle talks about students being exposed to the darkness of entertainment and social media, and how teachers can create beauty in Catholic schools.

Current Issues

Husbands, Fathers & Pornography


How does pornography affect families, and in particular the role of men as husbands and fathers? Jonathan Doyle of Choicez Media and Being Catholic speaks on this topic ahead of his talks at the 7th World Congress of Families in Sydney.

Books, Films & the Arts

Ditching Man-boys & Finding Love


How to Get the Man of Your Dreams is Jonathan Doyle’s new book exploring the belief systems pushing women into dysfunctional relationships and preventing them from finding the love they long for. We caught up with Jonathan to talk about the book and how we can foster healthy relationships and help others do the same.

Sex & Sexuality

Sacred Sex


In this first episode of “Love, Sex and Life with Jonathan Doyle”, Jonathan introduces the great mysteries about our sexual nature, relationships between man and woman, and sex itself.