Author Fr Michael de Stoop

Liturgy & Sacraments Man in Confession

The Gift of Confession


Fr Michael de Stoop outlines some important elements of the Sacrament of Confession in light of the Parable of the Prodigal Son and the graces which we receive through Reconciliation.

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Confession: What, Why & How?


In this talk at IMS 2013, Fr Michael De Stoop answers common questions about the Sacrament of Confessions, including: Why do we need to confess out loud to a priest? What is a “venial” and “mortal” sin, and what do they mean for confession? What if I’m afraid of confessing my sins?


Viginity, Martydom & Motherhood


At this homily from the Retreat Day for Women, Fr Michael de Stoop speaks on the life of St Lucy, witness of the spiritual motherhood through almsgiving, virginity and martyrdom – and how this reflects on both consecrated religious life and physical motherhood.

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Intro to Christian Decision Making


How do I know who to marry? What career does God want me to pursue? Am I called to a ministry in my Parish? Is this my vocation? Fr Michael de Stoop provides a framework for answering these sorts of questions using St Ignatius of Loyola’s tried and tested insights.