Author Fr. Chris Ryan MGL

Fr Chris was ordained as a Missionaries of God's Love priest in 2002, and is currently the rector of the MGL seminary in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. He has been involved in youth ministry for several years, and was the co-ordinator of the Australasian section of the Cross & Icon journey in the lead-up to World Youth Day 2008.

World Youth Days

What does He want for my life?


At the Aussie Gathering at World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Fr Chris Ryan reflects on discovering his vocation through asking God the question: “What do You want for my life?”

ACYMC 2012 Candle

The Spark of Faith


Fr Chris Ryan MGL speaks on the ignition point of faith for young people: what does it mean to be a Christian, what are the competing views of the world given to the youth of today, and how can we help call those youth to conversion?


G&G: Faith in Postmodern World


Fr. Chris Ryan MGL looks at the insights gained from Pope Benedict XVI on the Christian faith in a modern and postmodern world. He discusses the ideas of modernity and its view of Christianity, the narrative knowledge which a modern worldview seeks to ignore, and Pope Benedict XVI’s commentary on these philosophies.