Author Dr Robert Tilley

Dr Robert Tilley is a lecturer in biblical studies and ancient languages at the Catholic Institute of Sydney and in Christian literature at the Aquinas Academy.

Shows Opening Our Eyes to Injustice

Opening Our Eyes to Injustice


Dr Robert Tilley explains why we have a blindness to injustice, the biblical link between justice and righteousness, and where we can find the origins of our indifference to injustice today.

iWitness Confession reconciliation confessional 2

Reconciliation: Becoming Truly Human


In the fourth talk of the iWitness 2012, Dr Robert Tilley explores the nature of sin and confession, how the Catholic Sacrament of Confession builds us up to be fully human, and how our contemporary culture attempts to obscure this reach for humanity.

Shows Atheist-Appreciation-of-Chesterton

Atheist Appreciation of Chesterton


How has one of the great champions of Christian orthodoxy become so beloved of a world that has increasingly come to lose its faith in God? Dr Robert Tilley explores the paradox of atheist fascination with popular Catholic writer G.K Chesterton.


Narrative of Temple and Trinity


In this final talk Dr Tilley brings together the Torah ad the Prophets to the New Testament, especially the Gospel of John. Dr Tilley walks through the Gospel of John to show that not only does Scripture mirror the Temple, but both of these mirror the nature of God Himself.