Author Anthony English

Anthony English is a Catholic apologist and regular speaker at Lumen Verum.

Lumen Verum Apologetics St. Augustine

Life of St Augustine


Anthony English explores the amazing life and works of the great Saint Augustine of Hippo, with reference to his “Confessions” and St John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter “Augustinum Hipponensem”.

Lumen Verum Apologetics Assumption of Mary

The Assumption


Anthony English looks at the events of the Assumption of Our Lady and what this means, why this occurred, and looks at a number of common questions surrounding the event and doctrine of the Assumption.

Lumen Verum Apologetics Mary Angels



Anthony English discusses angels, what they mean and instances of them in Scripture and the lives of saints.


Satanic Priest to Rosary Apostle


Anthony English explores the fascinating life of Blessed Bartolo, who was the priest of a satanic cult before repenting to become a lay Dominican dedicated to the Rosary.

Catholic Apologetics Lumen Verum Apologetics



Anthony English discusses the Church teaching on Purgatory, and addresses some of the misconceptions about it.