Life Under Two Popes


While we were at Reasons for Hope 2013, the Cardinals were getting ready to enter the conclave in Rome. In light of this, we sat down with keynote speaker Most Rev. Barry J Hickey, Archbishop Emeritus of Perth, who was a bishop during almost the entire papacies for John Paul II and Benedict XVI. In this interview, we chat about the direction in which these two popes took the church, and the future path which is set before the new pope – who we now know is Pope Francis…


Most Reverend Barry Hickey was Archbishop of Perth (1991-2012) and Bishop of Geraldton (1984-1991).

Reasons for Hope is an annual weekend retreat for 15-35-year-olds, with RFH 2013 being held at Chittick Lodge in the Illawara region of southern New South Wales.

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