St Damien of Molokai


St Damien OF Molokai was born on the 3 January 1840 in Belgium. He was a missionary priest who served the people of Molokai, especially the people who were infected with Hansen’s disease or leprosy and had to live in exile on Molokai’s isolated Kalaupapa Peninsula. This is where St. Damien served and nurtured his ministry. Later, he contracted the disease himself and passed away on the 15 April 1889. St Damien’s feast day is on the 10 May. He was canonised by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009 and is the patron saint of people with leprosy.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. His feast day marks the anniversary of the day he arrived on Molokai island. Our family love St Damien, we even named our son after him 🙂

    St Damien, pray for us 🙂

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