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Abortion Prayer and the battle to defend life

Prayer & the Battle to Defend Life


40 Days For Life National Director and Co-Founder David Bereit addressed university students and representatives from various pro-life organisations on the story of 40 Days For Life. His core message was one of hope: the tide is turning, but the cause of life needs your support.


An Untold Story: October Baby


We caught up with Shari Rigby from the new film ‘October Baby’ to talk about what led her to be a part of a pro-life film and how the it’s already helping to bring hope and healing after abortion.

Relationships computer keyboard hands

The Pornography Problem


In this SCENE 2012 workshop, Robert Falzon explores why pornography is so harmful to individuals, relationships and societies and what we can do about it.

Bioethics Children in God's Image

G&G: Creating Children we want?


Dr. Deirdre Little discusses the recent scientific and political advances regarding embryo ‘quality checks’; including the history of eugenics throughout the world, the recent resurgence of eugenics through pre-natal screening, the prenatal screening process and the confusion surrounding it, as well as the disturbing trends in the use of screening in the medical profession.

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