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October 24, 2014


St Anthony Claret

He often saw Our Lord and Our Lady (to whom he was especially devoted), receiving from them instruction, encouragement, and prophecies.

“A son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a man who is consumed with love and who sets on fire everything in his path.

October 22, 2014


St John Paul the Great

Few men have made such an impression on history as St John Paul the Great. Having lost his entire immediate family at a young age, lived under Nazi occupation and communism in Poland, and later suffering many years with Parkinson’s Disease, St John Paul knew what it was to suffer…

October 21, 2014


St John of Bridlington

Augustinian prior and patron of women who face difficult labors.

Augustinian prior and patron of women who face difficult labours. He was born John Thwing in Bridlington, Yorkshire, England, in 1319, and became a student at Oxford.

October 21, 2014


St Hilarion

So many were his temptations and so various the snares of demons night and day, that if I wished to relate them, a volume would not suffice. How often when he lay down did naked women appear to him, how often sumptuous feasts when he was hungry! (Jerome, Life of St Hilarion, 7)

Raised in a pagan family and converted to Christianity while studying at Alexandria as a teenager…