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Our Hosts sit down with Archbishop Julian Porteous to get answers to all sorts of questions regarding the faith.

Q & A with Archbishop Julian Q&A with Archbishop Julian

Q&A: Where Did All the Nuns Go?


In the past 50 years religious life has seen a marked change around the world, particularly with the decline in numbers of women entering consecrated life. In this edition of Q&A with Bishop Julian explores some of the factors contributing to this decline.

Marriage & Family Q&A with Archbishop Julian

Q&A: What is Marriage?


In our modern world we hear a lot of talk about “soul-mates” and the “right to marry”, but is this what marriage is all about? Jovina and Jeremy quiz Bishop Julian on the purpose and meaning of marriage in this episode of Q&A with Bishop Julian.

Abortion Q&A with Archbishop Julian

Q&A: Culture Change by Legislation


Private member’s bills undermining the dignity of human life, the meaning of marriage and good of society as a whole are continually being introduced in the name of ‘progress’. Why this strategy? What are the consequences? What can we do to change it?

Politics Q&A with Archbishop Julian

Q&A: Church, Power & Politics


Does the Church uses its influence to impose its own views on society? What is the relationship between Church and State? What does the Church have to contribute to the public sphere? Bishop Julian discusses these questions and more in this episode of Q&A.

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