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Saint of the Day St Pambo

St Pambo


Pambo first came to the monasteries of the Nitrian desert seeking guidance from Egypt’s pioneer abbot, St. Anthony. “What shall I do?” he asked Anthony. Old Anthony replied, “Be not confident of thy own righteousness; grieve not over a thing that is past; and be continent of thy tongue and belly.”

Saint of the Day Pope St Leo IV

Pope Leo IV


He saw the Saracens attack Rome in 846; upon his ascension, to prevent its recurrence he fortified the city and its suburbs, building a wall around the Vatican…

Saint of the Day St Francis Solano

St Francis Solano


Francis Solano was a Franciscan Friar hailed as a saint both in Spain, where he first labored, and in Peru, where he spent the last two decades of his life.

Saint of the Day St Henry

St Henry


The humility and spirit of justice of the Saint were equal to his zeal for religion. He cast himself…

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