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Homegrown Initiatives Palms Australia

Opening their Hands to the World


We caught up with the Executive Director of Palms Australia Roger O’Halloran to find out how they help those in need, what fruit has come from it, and what drove him to get involved with a charitable organisation.


To the Ends of the Earth for Life


We sit down with student Anitra Yu to find out about her experience of a “pro-life pilgrimage” – what spurred her on to take the journey, and how has the experience changed her life?

Culture & Worldview

Faith in the Kimberley


Sister Theresa Morellini RSJ is currently based just over 3000km North East of Perth in the Warmun Community, a predominantly Catholic Indigenous community with a thriving art centre. We caught up with Sister Theresa to find out about faith and life in the East Kimberley.

Abortion 40 Days for Life

Prayerful Witness & the Battle for Life


40 Days For Life has now reached the final stretch, with this year’s Sydney campaign seeing some encouraging fruits, including a nurse who recently quit her job at the preterm. We caught up with FLI Australia Executive Director Paul Hanrahan to find out more.

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